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Autoclave Distiller 2in1 -22L

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Autoclave distiller - 22L

Also suitable for all hob surfaces induction. Material - high-quality stainless steel.

Convenient autoclave with a removable lid that makes the process easier. Thick buttocks.

Volume: 22 L
Material: stainless steel
Jar capacity: 0.5l – 12 pieces, 0.7l – 8 pieces, 1l – 6 pieces
Heating: yes
Storage temperature: 102-112С
Cassette for jars: yes
Automatic overpressure relief device: yes
Temperature control: yes
Pressure control: yes
Pressure gauge: yes
Thermometer: yes
Oven type: all, including induction
Options: thermometer, pressure gauge, pressure relief valve
Properties: bottom of the capsule
Color: stainless steel
Weight: 7.5 kg
Depth: 25 cm
Width: 25 cm
Height: 55 cm
Thermal sterilization eliminates harmful microorganisms and allows to preserve the freshness and useful properties of products, amino acids, vitamins and other organic substances necessary for a healthy metabolism and energy balance for a long time.

You can save everything you like meat, fish, fruits, vegetables. Throughout the year, they diversify your diet with delicious and wholesome food.

Simply put the required ingredients in the jars and place the sterilizer in the autoclave tank. Storage takes place at a temperature of 102 - 115 ° C, all harmful microorganisms are destroyed, so the food becomes safe and the shelf life of the products increases: they can be stored for up to 2 years or more.

The presence of an excessive pressure control valve prevents contact with boiling water, which makes the process convenient and safe.

Manufacturer: UZBI, Chelyabinsk

Country of origin: Russia

Type: autoclave sterilizer

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The set includes a cassette for a jar, recipes, instructions.