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Autoclave – 30L

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Autoclave - 30L

Designed for canning home products in glass jars with a volume of 0.5 and 1.0 liters.

10 reasons to buy an autoclave:

1. You save time and energy. The autoclave prepares everything itself, and you do your things just watching the pressure, you no longer have to spend all day sitting next to you.
2. Now you can cook canned 5 times faster. The autoclave will prepare 14 jars in 1 cycle.
3. Your jars will no longer "burst" and the products will not deteriorate.
4. Now you can cook absolutely any canned food (including stews, fish) and be sure of their quality.
5. Canned products are stored for much longer because they are prepared under conditions close to the factory conditions (pressure, high temperature, prevents the penetration and multiplication of bacteria).
6. The possibility of burns is excluded, no steam is detected; you remove the jars chilled.
7. You have a clean kitchen and no sea of ​​dirty dishes, because the whole process takes place in jars inside the appliance.
8. The autoclave can be used anywhere at home or even in rural conditions.
9. Your autoclave will serve you for at least 15 years because it is made of real high quality steel.
10. You save by buying an autoclave made in Belarus. Analogs are much more expensive.
Diameter, mm: 300

Working pressure, MPa: from 0.32 to 0.39

Sterilization temperature: 110-120

The set includes a spare gasket.

Delivery and payment on site is possible.

Manufacturer: Belarus

Video about the operation of the device:

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