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Milk and cream separator -5L

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Septators "Neptune"


The volume of the milk receiver is 5.5l.
The processing rate is at least 50 l / h, depending on the cream fat determined.
Cream to skimmed milk volume adjustment range from 1: 4 to 1:10
Fat content of skimmed milk not more than 0,05%
The temperature of the separated milk is 40-45 ° C
Power supply 220 V + - 10%, 50 Hz
Power consumption no more than 60 W
Energy consumption does not exceed 0.001 kW / h per 1 kilogram of processed product
The operation mode is interrupted with a 10-minute break after 30 minutes of operation
Tank speed 12,000 rpm
Net weight 3.5 kg
This will help you make a choice:

High performance and quality with minimal energy costs.

Possibility of adjustment depending on the required fat content of the cream.

It is manufactured in a military industrial complex company using a quality management system, using high quality materials, components, advanced technology.

Tank fabrication and balancing on modern high-precision equipment can significantly improve the separation quality, reduce noise and vibration during operation, increase the strength of the separator.

Tank plates made of high-alloy stainless steel ensure even separation quality throughout the operation of the separator.

The products are certified.

Winner of the program's 100 best Russian goods

Awarded three Stavropol Territorial Government diplomas for quality.


The action can be viewed in the video:

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